In addition to providing top-notch instruction within its classrooms, Carney-Nadeau Public School also offers numerous opportunities for students to experience success in other venues as well.  Though, having now won three, state-championship titles, we are perhaps best known for our boys’ and girls’ basketball programs, the Carney Wolves have a storied tradition of excellence for every sport in which they participate.

But far from being exclusively focused upon achieving victory, our primary concerns for all student athletes is that they attain personal growth, learn what it takes to be members of a team, and enjoy themselves while doing so.  In golf and volleyball, cross-country, track, and basketball, Carney students have thrilled countless crowds, achieved every kind of victory, and forged memories they will treasure for many years to come.

This year make a point to become part of the pack and join us in cheering on the Carney Wolves as they work to reach their latest success!

Fall Sports

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Winter Sports

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The coaching staff of the Carney-Nadeau girls basketball teams strive to make our players better through the teaching of hard work, co-operation, discipline, and sportsmanship. Our goal is to help each of our student athletes to grow from the junior varsity, through the varsity level, and on into life after high school basketball. We look forward to continuing the tradition of great Carney-Nadeau basketball, as well as making new memories for today’s Carney-Nadeau fans.

Spring Sports

My job as track coach is to get the athlete to a level that he did not think he could achieve.  I care very little, for medals or publicity as I believe the true reward in track comes from what the athlete learns about herself by pushing to the limits of what she thought she could do and then helping her get beyond those limits.  If I can get an athlete to realize that most of his perceived limits are only imposed by his own fears…there is nothing that person cannot accomplish.  It is a lesson that goes far beyond athletics.

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