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CNPS School Improvement Bond Informational Resources

Welcome to Carney-Nadeau Public School’s Informational Resource page!  Here you’ll find a wealth of materials that provide information on our School Improvement Bond proposal. Thank you for your interest in our school and please be sure to vote on November 3rd!

See What We’re Proposing!

View Our School Improvement Bond Presentations

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School Improvement Bond Informational Letters

In September, we mailed out an informational letter all residents in Nadeau and Gourley townships giving an overview of the projects we would pursue with this bond.  A second letter will be sent in early October, and, ultimately, both can be found in their entirety below.

View Letter 1 – Projects Overview

View Letter 2 – Financial Logistics


We want to hear from you!

Please click upon green button below to fill out a quick and easy survey regarding our school improvement bond proposal.  We welcome your feedback!

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Did you know you can now register to vote online?  It’s simple, quick, and totally free!  In Michigan, online voter registrations need to be completed 14 days prior to an election, so please be sure that you register by no later than Monday, April 20th for the May 5th election.

Check if You’re Registered to Vote

Register to Vote!

More Information

You can also find additional details about registering to vote in person, by mail and the learn the deadlines for each by clicking here https://www.vote.org/state/michigan/  and scrolling down to the tabs under the “Michigan Voter Registration” heading.    There’s also info on how to cast an absentee ballot and even how to register to vote on election day if you’ve missed the registration deadlines.

Proposed Millage Tax Calculator

Determining the “Taxable Value” of Your Property

The easiest way to determine the taxable value of your property would be to call your local assessor.  If your property is located in Nadeau Township, please call John Anderson at 906-497-5466.  Those with property in Gourley should contact Margaret Shroud at 906-863-9720.  You can also find your taxable value on the 2020 Assessment notice that was mailed to all property holders back in February of this year.

Determining Your Estimated Costs of the Proposed School Improvement Bond Millage Levy

Once you know the taxable value of your property, you can click upon the link below and use the Carney-Nadeau Public School Millage Tax Calculator to see what your estimated daily, monthly, and annual costs of our School Improvement Bond Proposal would be.   By entering in your household income, you allow the calculator to determine whether or not you qualify for a Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit, and if eligible, that discount would be factored in to the results it gives you.   All information you submit is completely anonymous and entirely confidential.  For more information on the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit, please click upon the link for it on our main page.

Estimate Your Taxes

Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit Eligibility Information

Depending on your age and/or income, any increase in taxes you would sustain if the CNPS School Improvement Bond proposal passes could potentially be offset by the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit.  Below is a summary of what the program entails.

Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit

Households that pay homestead property taxes greater than 3.2% of their annual income may be eligible for Michigan’s Homestead Property Tax Credit.  Eligible households may deduct up to 60% (up to 100% for senior citizens, please see the senior credit table below) of the millage increase cost up to a $1,500 Homestead Tax Credit limit.  The eligibility for the credit begins to decrease after household income exceeds $51,001 and ends completely after the household income exceeds $60,001.  Please see below the general reduction table and senior credit table below:

General Credit Reduction

Senior Credit

Resources % of credit Resources % Credit
$51,000 100.00% $21,000 100%
$51,001 90.00% $21,001 96%
$52,001 80.00% $22,001 92%
$53,001 70.00% $23,001 88%
$54,001 60.00% $24,001 84%
$55,001 50.00% $25,001 80%
$56,001 40.00% $26,001 76%
$57,001 30.00% $27,001 72%
$58,001 20.00% $28,001 68%
$59,001 10.00% $29,001 64%
$60,001 0.00% $30,001 60%

For more information regarding the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit and to see if your household qualifies, speak with your tax preparer or accountant or click here.